Wiffle Ball Season Rules

  1. You must use a Yellow Wiffle Ball Bat. No bat adjustments allowed.

  2. All groundballs can be run out to 1st base. No running bases past 1st base. If the hitter doesn't run out the groundball, the fielder simply needs to field it cleanly to get the out.

  3. In order to get a hitter out on a ground ball, you need to peg them with the ball or hit the base with a throw or touch the base.

  4. You cannot steal at any time. Once you reach 1st base on your hit, you must return back to youe team.

  5. 3 outs per inning.

  6. You are only allowed one intentional walk per game.

  7. Teams are allowed to change pitchers and later on in the game go back to the pitcher who started the game.

  8. You can change pitchers at any time.

  9. You are only allowed 4 maximum fielders at one time.

  10. Each team is allowed unlimited roster spots.

  11. Your batting line-up is allowed to be as big as you want it to be.

  12. You are not allowed to play on 2 different teams in the same league.

  13. If you catch a fly ball while standing in home run territory, then that is a home run.

  14. If you hit a foul ball with 2 strikes, that is a strikeout.

  15. 4 Balls equals a walk.

  16. There are no balks.

  17. 5 innings per game. Extra innings after that. Games will be determined a draw if tied after 8 innings. For example, if the game is tied at 2-2 after the 8th inning the game will be determined a draw.

  18. WHAT IS A HIT?

SINGLE: Ground ball not fielded cleanly OR if you beat out to 1st Base.

DOUBLE: Any line drive that lands past the pitcher.

TRIPLE: Any fly ball that lands or rolls onto the Warning Track.

HOME RUN: Any fly ball that lands over the fence.


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